Workplace solutions
Optimize your panel building processes with perfectly coordinated solutions for every phase of your production chain


Ideally equipped for every work phase
With Weidmüller, you have the perfect partner at your side to support you in all phases of panel building, from planning to installation to operation, with optimally coordinated solutions for your workshop. Based on years of experience in panel building, we will enable you in speeding up your work processes and increasing your quality through effective utilization of our comprehensive portfolio.
Identifying and tapping the potential of industry 4.0

The study “Panel building 4.0“ by the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units of the University of Stuttgart shows that the most time consuming phases in classic panel building are planning and installation.
More precisely: The steps of project planning and circuit diagram construction account for more than 50 % of the time spent on the entire planning process. During installation the complex combination of manual processes usually required for mechanical assembly and wiring account for over 70 % of the time spent on the assembly process!


Optimization potential from Weidmüller

80 % faster and safer processes

We continually develop innovations that streamline time-consuming work processes such as mechanical assembly and wiring to increase productivity.

100 % Premium quality

Certifications and approvals according to all relevant standards speak for themselves - German-made premium products that you can rely on.

100 % Planning reliability

With Weidmüller, you can rely on a partner with many years of experience in cable preparation, processing, and systemized marking.

Our Workplace Solutions

Digital data continuity from Weidmüller
Simplified engineering and comprehensive documentation

Planning reliability through data consistency
Your direct connection to an optimum marking process
The communication-capable high-performance printer
Valuable time savings through standardization
Weidmüller Tool Chest

Weidmüller panel building tool chest increases efficiency by up to 10 %
Semi-automation in cable assembly
Wire Processing Center

Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC) increases efficiency by up to 80 %
Fast and efficient marking of assembled mounting rails
Klippon® Automated RailLaser

Klippon® Automated RailLaser for efficient control cabinet construction
Thanks to our one-stop shop and our global network, our complete solutions for your workplace are available to you anywhere and at any time. You can rely on our proven logistical processes, no matter where you are.
Sune Mellgren, Vice President Business Unit Marking & Tools
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