Relay modules
For switching and amplifying digital signals in automation technology and for galvanic isolation
High reliability and longevity
As a full-range supplier in the field of relay modules we offer a very broad, varied, and high-quality portfolio with the TERMSERIES, RIDERSERIES, and D-SERIES. In addition, we offer various function-tested KITs for signal insulations, amplification, and multiplication. They are characterized by particularly high reliability and longevity, and are available in various versions. Different contact types such as normally open, normally closed, and change over contacts are available at the outputs. They are used in a wide variety of areas and industries.
Your benefits at a glance

Cost reductions

Based on functional excellence, our products ensure measurable cost reductions, e.g. in terms of warehousing and absolute reliability in use

Easy and fast

Benefit from space savings due to compact modules and time savings due to less wiring efforts and optimal markability

Digital data support

We offer full data support and the appropriate configuration tools to support you during your whole planning process

Our product range

The all-rounder. Modular relay modules from 6 mm width with extensive accessories, large selection of variants, and unlimited cross-connection possibilities.
High-quality universal relays with many sophisticated details and international approvals in different designs for industrial applications.
The industrial relay moduls with innovative features, a wide range of variants, and a wide assortment of designs for a variety of applications.
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