The easy way to Industrial IoT
"From data to value" with our comprehensive and cutting-edge IIoT portfolio

Are you ready for the easy way to IIoT?

The way to the Industrial IoT does not have to be complicated. Whether access to valuable data is required or new, data-driven services are to be generated, we enable our customers to go from data to value, the easy way.

Our comprehensive and cutting-edge IIoT portfolio applies for both, greenfield and brownfield applications. We offer components and solutions from data acquisition, data pre-processing, data communication and data analysis.

One thing is clear: the Industrial IoT is not an end in itself. The added value is exploited in the specific use case, whether this is increasing the energy efficiency or deploying service technicians more efficiently thanks to remote maintenance. And last but not least, we enable our customers to develop new business models by using artificial intelligence. Let's design the Industrial IoT together with and for the user: easily and efficiently.

Your benefits at a glance


Whether easy and fast retrofit of IoT solutions, open and web-based engineering or the building of machine learning models without any data science skills – discover the easy way to the Industrial IoT.


From „data to value“: with our comprehensive and cutting-edge IIoT portfolio we enable our customers to go from sensor to cloud and beyond: data acquisition, data preprocessing and data communication form the infrastructure which the data analysis is based on.

Better positioned for the future

Flexibility and openness are key success factors in the Industrial IoT. We do not only focus on open platforms but also embrace existing and new partnerships with the clear target to position our customers as best as possible for the future.

Overview of our Industrial IoT offering

How do you want to benefit from Industrial IoT

We explain the application fields

Essentially, there is a distinction between greenfield and brownfield projects. In greenfield projects, this involves constructing a completely digitalised machine/plant. In brownfield projects the plant/machine fleet is not yet compatible with Industrial IoT. The latter currently applies to the majority of the installed base. Therefore, digital retrofitting of machines and plant is nowadays of fundamental importance. No interventions are carried out on the installed automation technology, instead parallel structures are built up. The overview below shows a number of use cases, which can be implemented in either a brownfield or a greenfield environment.

Industrial IoT – facts and figures

Industrial IoT - what's in it for you?

What does the Industrial IoT stand for? How is Weidmüller's position and concrete offering? And most important: what's in it for the customer? Watch the video with Dr. Thomas Bürger, Executive Vice President Automation Products & Solutions to find answers.

Create the basis for digital value-added services

Acquire data reliably

Gain access to valuable data and information in greenfield and brownfield applications

Pre-process data locally with IoT Edge technology

Reduce data flows and costs, while generating initial insights on the spot

Transfer and analyze data to create added value

Transport data reliably via network infrastructure

Provide the IT systems with valuable information from the plant

Creating added value through data analysis

Achieve concrete added value in your use case with data-driven, digital services
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