Optimize your automation with u-mation
Easy and Industrial IoT ready


u-mation - More Performance. Simplified.

For plant and mechanical engineering, automation solutions with easy access to the Industrial IoT are becoming increasingly important. This automation portfolio has been developed for today's challenges and is based on future-proof technologies.

Experience yourself why all of our solutions carry the claim "More Performance. Simplified."

40 %

Communication Protocols

Future-proof automation infrastructure: More than 40% use new communication protocols such as OPC-UA

250 Prod.

in our u-mation Portfolio

Easy-to-use automation infrastructure with more than 250 products

30 Years

Automation Experience

We have been a pioneer and competent partner for automation solutions for over 30 years.

Our product range

The u-mation automation portfolio
Control systems | u-control
Automation with the compact u-control and innovative engineering
I/O systems | u-remote
Automation with the flexible and innovative I/O system u-remote
Visualization systems | u-view
Easy machine visualization with u-view touch panels, IPCs and the visualization software u-create PROCON-WEB

The easy way to the Industrial IoT

Your automation is ready for the Industrial IoT and you want to create added value from your data sets.

Take a look at our Industrial IoT Solutions.

Let´s discover the enabler from data to value

The best answer for your automation solution - Get ready for future automation

We are happy to support you in optimizing your application and pave the way to the Industrial IoT with a future-proof automation portfolio.

u-mation includes the best IO system u-remote, the innovative WEB based controllers u-control and scalable web visualization solutions u-view.

Get your Starter Kit

Our intelligent industrial IoT solutions provide answers, maximum efficiency, great system performance, and optimize space.

Turn your browser into an engineering platform with the web-based, control software u-create web. Along with our u-control 2000 control hardware, we enable intuitive and location-independent programming individual units, or machine parts. The implementation is straightforward: just connect the u-control 2000 to your PC, open your browser, and type the IP address to access limitless possibilities.

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